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“Hungarian Distance Learning Training Structure on the Design and Operation of Hybrid Power Systems”
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World energy demand has been increasing exponentially on the other hand the conventional energy resources (exhaustible) are limited on earth. In accordance with the EC directives that are to be followed in Hungary as well, the expected usage rate of renewable energy sources should reach 20% by 2020.
The increasing electrification needs are driving Authorities and professionals to look for methods to electrify on quick, cheap and reliable way. Hybrid power systems are to combine all of the advantages of the other alternatives and, at least partially, nullifying their disadvantages.
A comprehensive training material to enable the HPS related industry, which involves both RES and conventional technologies, to follow the consistently high standards of design, operation and monitoring expected by a fast growing commercial market is essential.
Project origin
This project arises from the experience gained in another project funded by the EC funded the Leonardo da Vinci Programme: HYPOS-DILETR “Distance Learning Structure on the Design and Operation of Hybrid Power Systems”, in which distance learning programme on the design, operation and supervision of HPS was realised due to the need of such missing training throughout Europe.


Our objective is to strengthen Hungarian energy expertise related to the technologies and best practices in renewable energy sector by providing a nationalized distance learning system: a comprehensive, specialized training programme, designed to be as flexible as possible to meet the training needs and requirements of both themselves, as individuals, and the organisations they represent in Hungary.


Distance learning is one of the most perspective and attractive educational products due to its low price, high quality and to the fact that is not requiring necessarily absence from the workplace, and it makes it so attractive for managers. With the use of additional e-learning elements, our intention to make the adapted course in Hungary even more attractive and applicable for all of whom want to raise their education and qualification.


Work Plan
The work that is going to be implemented in the frame of the present project can be broken down into the following major work-tasks:

1. Survey of existing training activities in Hungary, detection of the project target groups training needs and the requirements for a non-credited such course in Hungary
2. Drawing up a study on the findings of the carried nationwide survey
3. Adapting the developed distance learning training courses structure and supporting material and translation into the Hungarian language.
4. Pilot testing of the adapted translated HPS distance learning training tool
5. Disseminating the project’s progress and products throughout the project in order to ensure sustainability.


The partnership consists of 5 partners from 3 different countries with experience in developing capacity building and training products as well as in carrying out and organizing trainings on national and international level.

CRES will ensure that the knowledge pooled together while developing the transferred product, will be shared and implemented into the Hungarian adaptation, while all partners will take part in developing the suitable tool and carrying out survey and need analysis based on their professional experience. Universities will provide theoretical background and professional expertise with relevance both to the theme, and particularly to didactics on drawing up a detailed study on the findings of the survey.
The SMEs will ensure the presence of the private sector’s know-how, they will guarantee the compliance of theory and practice and will test the methodology against real life expectations.


Centre for Renewable Energy Sources
University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, Centre of Modern Languages


University of Szent István
Bluewaters Environmental Consultanst


Project Coordinator:

Határok Nélkül Kft
Long term impact
The ultimate objective of the project is to ensure improved and high quality Hybrid Power Systems by providing Hungarian professionals, the targeted sector: Energy planners, decision makers, engineers working in power production and distribution, and the technical staff of local and regional energy agencies with a comprehensive, specialized training programme, designed to be as flexible as possible to meet the training needs and requirements of both themselves, as individuals, and the organisations they represent.
Present action
The project has finished 31st October 2010, the partnership has developed 2 non-credited courses adapted to Hungary. The training is starting from January 2011,. 

Should you be interested in our training, please ask for Registration Sheet on our below address:

For Registration, please send us the below personal details:
I wish to participate in the course:
Hybrid Technology Designer Expert: YES/NO
Hybrid Technology Project Development Manager: YES/NO
Information request regarding:


HUN HYPOS 1st Newsletter 19 February 2009

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HUN HYPOS 2nd Newsletter 15 September 2009

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HUN HYPOS 3rd Newsletter 31 December 2009
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HUN HYPOS 4th Newsletter 15 September 2010
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HUN HYPOS 5th Newsletter 30 October 2010
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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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