Ecocenter Park Hatvan



Location: Hungary – Hatvan – 140 Hegyalja street

Objective: Establishment of a demonstration park in the middle of Europe displaying environment conform technologies, innovations of the world aiming at universalizing the utilisation of environmental management, environment conform technologies and renewable energy sources- using practise oriented methods


When founding the Display Park in Hatvan, we are aiming at establishing an oustanding demonstrational, educational and research institution that:
• offers facilities to new technologies during operation,
• provides infrastructural background for their set-up and work,
• therefore suitable for their efficient marketing,
• can be run in an environment-friendly way,
• open towards social interest,
• supports all sorts of researches and practical implementations in connection with utilisation of environment conform technologies,
• making available learning possibilities based on practical experiences to a wider population


The demonstration centre also creates possibility to wide social cooperation, facilitates the information flow, provides comprehensive professional guidance. Contributes to professional and economic effectiveness, develop innovation skills, and at the same time gives forum to discussion.



Realization of a true “technology show-case” that is incomparable in point of the variety of the demonstrated solutions and their concentrated scope in implementation. Possibility for a permanent technology exhibition for modern, energy sparing and environment conform executions.


Long-term objectives of the founders:
Execution of environment-centred economy.
• Environment monitoring, its preventive protenction, easing damaging environmental effects, facilitating adaptation to nature
• protection, preservation and augment of the cultural heritage
• assessment, supervision and testing of technologies
• preservation of natural resources, sustainable resource-management, biodiversity protection
• careful management of the environment of humanity
• realisation of professional seminars, trade exhibitions, events.


The Park takes on the additional activites:
• planning and operating model initiatives, making energetic, environmental effect
• forming environment policy, representation of interests, creating environment consciousness

Introduction of the Park:

At present:
– The main building is a 200 sqm, more than 100 years old building functioning as an eco-building
– 2 acres of garden, wine-cellar, and outbuildings belong to the house
– 9 acres of own land, garden-plot and ploughland


Exhibitor possibility
• Applications can be received from all over the world (within the area limitations), decision on admittance is based upon professional evaluation.
• The rented area is outdoor, (covered if requested), with electricity installation (380 V), its standard size is either 10 m x 15 m, or 20 m x 15 m
• The tenancy is a minimum of 3 months (free of charge), 1 year-long tenancy is preferred (year to year prolongation possibility of contract)



Why we propose the Environmental Management Centre in Hatvan as a permanent exhibition and information centre location?
• Favourable geographical location, transport connections, easy access
• Exploitable business development possibilites (logistics, supplier network building)
• Clarified ownership, appropriate existing infrastructure, suitable for the tasks to be carried out, rentable area, section of land. The current buildings can be used (further development plans are set)
• 9 acres of land all together, 9 acres green field investment posssibility
• Existing industrial knowledge, innovative economical environment, skilled workmanship in the neighbourhood
• Invesment friendly local authority policy towards tenants
• Support schemes available for the Park.


Plans in 2 years time:
In the frame of the Environmental Management Centre of Hatvan:
• an educational and conference centre with modern conference technology,
• 8 demonstration house, a guest house, and further accommodations,
• a restaurant, and further additional facilites are to be built.


Joining countries and organisations:
Hungary: companies, farmers, organisations, and 4 Universities:
Szent István University, Corvinus University, Technical University of Budapest, Pannon University, Veszprém
Austria: Bluewaters Environmental Consultants, Austria, Vienna
Greece: CRES- Centre for Renewable Energy Sources
Romania: organisations, companies, BIOTERRA Association of Romanian Biofarmers, Sapientia Hungarian University
Slovakia: Without F. S.R.L. Environment protection company


The realisation of the present project expectedly induces several investment projects creating new jobs, that contributes to the utilisation of more developed environmental technologies in higher quantity in the Central-European Region and in Hungary.

As an extensive outcome, lessening damages to the environment, growing utilisation of renewable energy sources in Hungary, therefore the fulfillment of the relevant EC directives, contribution to the sustainable development and creating a cleaner and a better place to live in can also be considered.


Project’s active participants:
Réka Szilágyi H. – Chairman- EuroHungaricum Public Benefin Foundation
Emese Bertalan – director – Határok Nélkül Kft, Hungary
Györk Halász – managing director – Határok Nélkül Kft, Hungary
Boglárka Eőryné – managing director – Without Frontiers SRO – Slovak Republic
Katalin Zelnik- r. assistant professor – Corvinus University of Horticulture

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