The project “I. We. Society” are focusing on creating interesting and useful digital course programs that could be used by different age and profile adults. The aim is to provide people of all ages with equal and open access to high-quality learning opportunities and a variety of learning experiences, special attention being paid to the vulnerable part of the society facing changes or disadvantages in their lives, some of them created by Covid-19 pandemic. The target group of the whole project is quite wide, but each program will focus on one special type of them. With this in mind, effective material based on the needs of different target groups will be created.

Each target group of the project has their own needs where the created course can help them deal with the current situation:

  • young parents may need advice how to deal with different problems in the society when a child is born
  • re-immigrating people have to adjust to the new situation in the native country
  • recently retired people have to be helped feel still active and needed in the society
  • people with different disabilities will find online course easily accessible
  • temporary unemployed people affected by Covid-19 pandemics will benefit from the
  • course as it will include practical advice for finding a new job
  • small business owners will get practical help on how to decrease the existing problems.

The impact and sustainability of the project is as follows:

  • 600 participants will have got motivation to improve their life and improved their IT skills
  • 60 participants will have reflected on the created digital distance learning courses
  • 40 staff members will have improved their own foreign language and IT skills, as well as increased their expertise on adult teaching
  • the adult education centers will have got 6 new digital programs that can be offered to vulnerable social groups.

The project is being implemented by 6 centers dealing with adult education:

  • Grobiņa Adult Education center (LATVIA)
  • Ecocenter Alapítvány (HUNGARY)
  • Asociacion De Innovacion, Formación y Empleo para el Desarrollo Sostenible (SPAIN)
  • Ljudska Univerza, Zavod Za Izobrazevanje In Kulturo, Rogaska Slatina (SLOVENIA)
  • G.G. Eurosuccess Consulting Limited (CYPRUS)
  • Igor, obrt za cjeloživotno učenje, vl. Igor Štavlić, Marindvor (CROATIA).


More information: https://www.iwesociety.com/