M.O.T.H.E.R. project

M.O.T.H.E.R. – Mobility-Opportunity-Training for an Higher Employment Rate 


Duration: 2020.09.01-2022.08.31

Total grant: 156.520 EUR

Project summary: M.O.T.H.E.R. Project (Mobility Opportunity Training for an Higher Employment Rate) is a strategic partnership in the field of Erasmus Plus YOUTH sector which involves a consortium of 6 partners representing 6 countries: JUMP (IT), Municipio de Lousada (PT), FACE (MK), Ecocenter Alapítvány (HU),  ACTIVISTS (LT), IED (GR). From September 2020 to August 2022 a team of experts in the actual labor market and the international dimension of working in Europe, with specific competences in e-learning, e-coaching, social entrepreneurship, marketing, digital and social innovation, communication and business acceleration will recruit 240 disadvantaged and unstable young people 18-30 years old (40 per partner) divided into 2 main groups: the MOTHER workers and the Free Workers Online (FWO). The so-called “atypical” and precarious workers who are not – at moment – categorized in any repertory of the actual labour market. From one side all what is considered the future of ICT professions: smart workers working everywhere, with a laptop, it’s enough an Internet connection, using foreign languages, as individuals or in small teams responsible for their timetable, free-lances, precarious and paid depending on the reached goal or daily based. From the other side, the MOTHER workers: linked with the “mother land” and the local context, using hands and creativity, producing concrete objects, aiming at selling and develop small business, working in familiar environments especially in the field of craft, , agriculture, food-agrarian chain but also health, beauty, wellness, textile, cooking. MOTHER partners represent for them a support team for a concrete virtual and physical meeting through the creation of an intellectual output: the “MOTHER social platform for business” containing many tools among which the “Language KIT to improve entrepreneurship and smart communication in your business”. MOTHER Platform is a virtual space to MEET and start to work together and keep updated the network on results of the new international cooperation. The mobility plan of the project foresees: 2 Learning Mobilities: A training for business e-coaches in Portugal. A business meeting for potential MOTHER workers and Free Workers Online (FWO) in Soverato who meet after having started to use the platform to consolidate the cooperation and plan future development. Coordinating partners organise  4 Transnational Project Meetings in Skopje, Hatvan, Kaunas and Larissa assuring an efficient management and a dynamic coordination  2 series of Multiplier Events aimed at increasing the number of involved youth.

MOTHER idea was born in the deep South of Italy, in Calabria which is the context more “in need” due to the highest youth unemployment rate of Europe with 55.6% of the population unemployed between the ages of 15 and 24. Partners represent other local contexts with similarities and differences but at European level they contribute to give the frame of the wider European framework. At the base of MOTHER project there’s the state of the art that the worldwide labour market is changing faster than legislation and policies to sustain business development. Media and ICT are powerful tools if used in the proper way and potential workers escape from the motherland to find new opportunities and jobs without knowing that, maybe behind the corner, there’s the person who can give them the business “impulse” they need. MOTHER workers are stable and rooted to land traditions but they don’t know foreign languages, they would need a colourful attractive website but in the small town there’s no the right web designer. A Free Worker Online is somewhere, sitting in his studio and could be the missing piece to complete the “business puzzle”.

Methodology is based on use of organization of several local meetings, recruitment of youth moving in local contexts, use digital tools, e-coaching, e-training and online support to meet and work.


1 support new youth workers to enter and be sustainable in the actual worldwide labour market;

2 strengthen in youth strategic competences and softs kills increasing their entrepreneurial activity and the realisation of new ideas,

3 develop social and digital innovation bridging two and more sectors of the actual youth employment framework,

4 develop a social platform where MOTHER workers and FWO can meet and develop concrete cooperations,

5 create a kit of tools useful for many youth to become new empowered entrepreneurs who can learn from home supported by experts and new partners,

6 develop a European network of creative and smart people able to increase the employment rates in Europe,

7 start a long term process of growing and learning among 6 partners interested in widening the network reaching at least a member per Country of EU

8 create an intergenerational dialogue and cooperation between more and less experienced in the field of entrepreneurship

MOTHER is a seed of future plants of our future economy.


The project’s July statistics report is available at the link below:


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.